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I Love You, You're Perfect Now Change, J.W. Engeman Theater 
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Danny Bernardy and Brittany Campbell in Olney Theatre Production of My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady, Olney Theatre Center (Henry Higgins)

The Washington Post:


“In the lean, generally fetching, mildly nontraditional “My Fair Lady” now at Olney Theatre Center, the power struggle between Higgins and Eliza occasionally displays a startling erotic edge. That’s the case in part because director Alan Souza has given us a Higgins with the looks, and often the presence, of a matinee idol. Higgins may claim to be a “confirmed old bachelor,” but as portrayed by Danny Bernardy, he’s certainly not very old. And in moments like the lead-up to the musical number “The Rain in Spain,” you have to wonder whether this world-renowned phonetics expert isn’t a philanderer waiting to happen.

Fear not: Higgins is still a domineering, egotistical male chauvinist with lacerating verbal flair and the willingness to trample over other people’s feelings. So we still get the full intensity of the showdown immortalized in 'My Fair Lady'..."


DC Metro Theater Arts:

"The head-turningly handsome Danny Bernardy takes on the role with just the right amount of arrogance and disdain

 his amazing talent is displayed in a number of ways. His brilliant knack for satire, his hilarious physical comedy, and his effortless acrobatic dancing are wonderfully evident in “I’m an Ordinary Man” and “Hymn to Him.”


Broadway World:

 "He (Alan Souza) also did a major change in casting a "Henry Higgins" who is young, handsome, virile, sexy, funny and a great dancer. Danny Bernardy is just plain superb in this role. It's 180 degrees away from Rex Harrison."

MD Theatre Guide:

"Danny Bernardy takes command of the stage (and Eliza) as he speaks each word clearly, as you might expect from a professor of phonetics.  His highly charged interpretation of the role brings to light that Higgins does in fact have respect for strong women like his mother, despite belittling Eliza and ranting about women."


DC Theater Scene:

"As Higgins, Bernardy is not only stiff-upper-lipped enough to convince us he’s actually British, but also well able to show us he’s actually annoyed to find himself falling in love.

And his agility- who knew Higgins could leap onto a three-foot tall desk?"



"As the pompous, chauvinistic bully Professor Henry Higgins, Danny Bernardy hit it out of the park aided by a superbly strong speaking voice—perfect for theatre.  His onstage chemistry with Ms. Campbell is fantastic and essential for the production to be successful.

 Solid all around and executing his songs with the appropriate amount of flair, Mr. Bernardy is a man in perpetual motion in virtually every scene.  It’s not that he is dancing, but his precise high energy movements on the stage, especially during his vocal performances, are well choreographed and executed."

Talkin Broadway:

"Henry Higgins (Danny Bernardy, imperious but prone to hilarious tantrums) more youthful than is usually seen, and a simmering sense of attraction between the two of them—which doesn't get in the way of the combative relationship between teacher and student "


The Sentinel:

"Danny Bernardy thrills as the misogynistic, demanding, self-absorbed Professor Higgins."

Cougar The Musical, Off Broadway (All Male Roles)
Alabama Story, Florida Studio Theatre, (Thomas Franklin)*
*nominated for an area critic's award for Best Featured Actor by the Sarasota Herald Tribune
Observer Sarasota:
"Fine performances bring these characters to life.  Bernardy’s Franklin hides his fierce loyalty to her beneath a soft-spoken demeanor. He’s particularly moving in a scene where Reed questions his loyalty."
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
"... there are some nice performances, especially from Bernardy, as a stand-up person trying to navigate dangerous times and lots of hatred."
"Stirring"..."The FST production, staged by Kate Alexander, provides some fight and spirit...with warm support from Danny Bernardy as Emily’s efficient assistant."
Talkin' Broadway
"Danny Bernardy plays Emily's assistant Thomas Franklin and commands the stage when Thomas opens up to her about his private life as his father's caretaker."
Spamalot, North Carolina Theater & Florida Studio Theater, Sir Lancelot (separate productions)

Raleigh News & Observer

"Polished" & "Seduces with silliness"

"Danny Bernardy’s Lancelot gets laughs as he finds his amorous attentions drawn to ...Prince Herbert."

Sarasota Herald Tribune
"Delightful...Distinctive portrayals...of the knight(s) and several other characters

Street Banner on FST admin builiding in Sarasota


"Danny Bernardy  brought on raucous applause as the famous French Taunter and Sir Lancelot, particularly in his encounters with Prince Herbert."

-CVNC Arts Journal

Maple and Vine, A.C.T., Roger and Omar
Los Angeles Times
"Clever...Punchy subplot...involving Roger (Danny Bernardy)
San Francisco Chronicle
"Danny Bernardy fills out the more complicated role of Roger"
Screen Shot 2012-04-08 at 5.36.08 PM.png
The Mercury News
"the real heat here is generated by a subplot, in which Dean indulges his secret longings for Roger (Danny Bernardy)"
Screen Shot 2012-04-08 at 5.41.17 PM.png
The Underpants, Florida Studio Theatre (Frank Versati and the King)

“With the swagger that Danny Bernardy brings to Versati, he is sure he will get those underpants unloosed again. Versati pushes forward with poetry and panache.” Marie J. Kilker,


"Bernardy’s Herr Versati is a poetry-spouting, supremely confident man sure he can talk Louise out of more than her underpants; Charming performance(s)." Susan Rife, Herald-Tribune


“The dual role of Frank Versati and King is played with enthusiastic smarm by Danny Bernardy. Paula Atwell, Sarasota Observer”


“…a gentleman/poet (played by Danny Bernardy with accented flair and theatricality)” Kay Kipling, Sarasota Magazine

Vincent in Brixton, Virginia Stage Company (Sam Plowman)

“A very likable chap…Bernardy lets us see this lovable but not too bright man with endearing gradual revelation….excellence on display in (a) beautifully orchestrated performance”  Edgar Loessin, WHR, Public Radio for Hampton Roads


“Danny Bernardy’s convincing portrayal of a basic decency in ordinary, working-class humanity—sounds a note of cheer in an otherwise dreary dirge.” D.D. Delaney, Portfolio Weekly

Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Delaware Theater Company (The Visitor)
DTC_Picasso_006(credit John R. Schoonove

“…all accentuated in the end by the arrival of a “visitor” (ably impersonated by Danny Bernardy)” Rick Mulrooney, The News Journal


“a certain compelling visitor from the future, played with soulful southern charm by Danny Bernardy, arrives to provide some perspective.” Anders Back, Daily Local News

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